Sunny September,,,NOT

So far this September is making us feel a little like a drowned rat. It is quite a challenge to get out and show houses in torrential rain. If you REALLY want to look though, we REALLY want to show you because you MUST be motivated to buy!

The beginning of school usually indicates a slow down of activity in our market. People are focused on getting back into the routine of getting children off to school or college and all of the activities that go along with it. However, once we get a little nip in the air and the humidity goes down, we will see an increase in listings and showings. We are ready to help and raring to go!

We have a new agent starting this month. Michelle Myrick is a retired school teacher and has just gotten her real estate license and is ready to offer plenty of exuberance and energy with helping you to sell or purchase! I expect great things from her.

Our agents are all above average in my opinion. We have the personalities and expertise to meet the needs of anyone looking for a Realtor!

Check out our Facebook page. We have a lot of new listings both for sale and for rent highlighted on our page.

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