School is almost out for Summer!

It looks like I completely skipped over March and April. I honestly do not know where the time goes these days. Spring in our little town was a flurry of activity. We had so many fundraisers! Runs, walks, dances, skips, rolls, performances and everything else you can possibly imagine. Our civic organizations are a powerful resource in our community. The time and energy that our people devote to these events are incredible.
I cannot say enough good things about our agents here at First Realty. Our inventory is down but our agents are managing to keep things moving along and we have been able to come out of the winter slump and start to generate activity!
Our Rental department stays super busy. With nearly 200 rental properties to manage you can imagine just how dedicated they are to keeping things running smoothly. If you are thinking about purchasing a rental property, now is the time. We cannot seem to have enough rental property. Our vacancy rate for residential rentals is zero. If you want to invest, call one of our sales agents and they can help you find a great rental.
Congratulations go out to Susan Rhodes for being the listing and selling agent for the months of January, February and March and Tammy Liller who snagged the titles for the month of April. Way to go ladies!

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