Rocktober Time

It is hot. It is STILL hot. It is HOT HOT! Unfortunately, our real estate market in Greenville is not hot.

This is a hard COLD fact. If you want to sell your property, it may take a little while UNLESS you are willing to listen to the professional opinion of your Realtor. Realtors are property owners too. We want all of the property that we own and sell to be worth a lot. A whole lot. Greenville and our surrounding areas are amazing, wonderful, sweet towns in which to live; but we are not experiencing a tremendous amount of growth right now. That means that our property values are not increasing as fast as markets to our north and south.

Before we list your property, our agents will prepare a market analysis for you. They will use the technology and experience that they have to determine the value of your place. The numbers speak volumes. If we don’t face these values now, we will have to face them when the lenders order an appraisal on the property to satisfy their underwriters¬†that the property is worth what the contract portrays.

Experience shows that when a property is priced correctly, it will sell quickly. That in conjunction with the homeowner working to ensure that their property is in good condition and prepared to show well. Sellers need to work with their agent. Make your home easy to show and make sure that it looks inviting and well cared for. If we get these two things right, chances are we can overcome the fact that we are not in the hottest market in Alabama! Even though it feels like it!


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